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How can we help maintain your premises?

Garden Maintenance

weeding, trimming, pruning
privet hedges,
lawn mower and care,
Spring and Fall Cleaning up


Spring clean-ups: April - May

Lawn cutting: April ­ December

Fall leaf clean-ups: October ­ December

Pruning: Late Spring and Early Autumn

Gardening: May - October

Snow plowing: First to last snow of two inches

Projects: March - December

Gardening and Flower Bed Service

Vital Landscaping enjoy keeping gardens in peak condition year round. This is our
favorite service to provide as the talents of our staff are revealed in these gardens. Under
the direction of our head gardener we will provide regular weeding, trimming, pruning
and deadheading (this is important to encourage continued blooming of certain flowers).
Attention to detail and special customer requests characterize this service.

Twelve or twenty-four visits during the season, which includes regular weeding,
deadheading of flowers, and general flowerbed maintenance. This is important to
promote continual blooming of certain varieties, and to keep the garden in peak
condition throughout the season. Each gardening session will vary in duration as the
needs of the garden change throughout the season. Generally the time requirements of
May, June and July are double compared to August, September and October, but each
garden is unique. Notice the frequency and duration of visits is directly related to the
health and appearance of the garden. Clients may choose either twelve (12) bi-monthly
visits, or twenty-four (24) almost weekly visits, from May to October (notice there are 26
weeks from May to October).

Customer is responsible for monitoring the garden environment, including watering. If
your garden visits are every two weeks, please be sure to carefully remove any weeds
which are producing seed. Some weeds produce seed in ten days! If the seeds are
dispersed, thousands of weeds will germinate. It is recommended that the customer cuts
flowers and puts them in fresh water to enjoy inside the home. Vital Landscaping is
responsible for grooming and deadheading the plants, informing the client of pests and
diseases, supporting plants with stakes when required, and maintaining the spaded edge
or border between the lawn and garden. Splitting of perennials every three years or so is
an extra service and is discussed with the client in advance.

Pruning Service

Trimming, shaping and pruning of your hedges and shrubbery to prevent loss of control,
twice a year. We also clean out underneath the shrubs to control diseases, promote air
flow, and remove the clippings. Additional visits to prune your shrubbery can be provided
at your request, (privet hedges often need 3-5 trimmings), for an additional charge.

12-Month Program

This is our most popular, customized service program. It consists of the Lawn, Snow and
Seasonal clean-ups. Other services can be added. The fee for this service can be paid
for with 12 equal, monthly installments.

In conclusion

The discipline of scheduled, consistent maintenance ensures the health and beauty of
your garden. Many clients choose a twelve-month package, which includes lawn cutting,
fall and spring leaf clean-ups and snow plowing.

Additional services may be added to the package as well. Twelve-month packages are
invoiced in twelve equal, monthly installments. While the twelve-month package
includes many of your outdoor regular maintenance obligations, it is only a suggestion!
We encourage our customers to design their own maintenance packages, which we then
price accordingly.

Services not required every year (such as mulch) are provided per your approval. Your
garden has unique characteristics, which we will learn while working at your property.
After a full year of service, we review and analyze the success of each service program.