Vitalino Barrios


Spring Cleanup Service

A comprehensive and intensive spring cleanup to remove winter debris and thorough fall
leaf cleanups. These seasonal cleanups are important in order to reduce the risk of
diseases and fungus. A general clean-up and removal of winter debris (such as fallen twigs
(but unusually large branches such as a 2 inch caliper may require a fee) and (late falling)
leaves which is important in reducing the risk of diseases and fungus that winter over in the
decomposing leaves. Spring clean-ups may include edging and/or turning the beds,
installing mulch, peat moss or soil amendments, by special arrangement.

Vital Landscaping is responsible for removing leaves, sticks (2 inch caliper or less),  
loading and disposing of organic debris. Notice the spring and fall leaf clean-ups (listed
below) are related in that if weather permits we will do fall leaf clean-ups often into
December, which minimizes the extent of the spring clean-up.

Fall Cleanup Service

Essentially the same as a spring clean-up, except there are several visits and the
concentration of leaves is greater! Still important for disease prevention, and leaf removal
makes for a healthier lawn. Vital Landscaping is responsible for removing leaves and twigs
smaller than 2² in caliper in beds and on the lawn.

If you compare the descriptions of both services you will see why they are both important.
If we are instructed to carry out a spring clean-up and no fall clean up was carried out the
fee will be approximately equal to the sum of both fees. (Unfortunately we are often
unable to repair some damage caused by leaving rotting leaves in beds over winter.) that
winter over in decomposing leaves.