Vitalino Barrios


Lawn Care Service

Vital Landscaping dispatches a team of lawn mower operators, who
usually visit every week. We provide weekly grass cutting, weed
whacking and edging from April through the end of November as

Our service is weekly (but adjusted for seasonal fluctuations, such as
droughts and high temperatures) mowing, edging and trimming
throughout the season. Our lawn staff is trained to patrol while
working, observing closely for early signs of pests, disease, drought,
etc. We use mulching blades on our large commercial mowers, and
bag clippings during heavy growth. (Bagging and disposing of grass
clippings may or may not be included in your seasonal price )This
reduces the need for excessive chemical treatments. The seasonal
fee includes scheduling variations due to the weather. Customer is
responsible for keeping the lawn area clear of obstacles (such as
toys, tennis or golf balls, etc.), access to the property, notifying us
ahead of time as to any areas that should be avoided for any reason.

Please note that rain or inclement weather before your scheduled
lawn cutting visit will postpone the visit. For example, if your lawn is
scheduled to be cut on Thursdays, but it rains on Monday, the cut
will be postponed until Friday.

Vital Landscaping is responsible for cutting grass, weed whacking
the edges, edging concrete surfaces, and disposing of clippings
during heavy growth periods.