Vitalino Barrios

Common questions on garden maintenance services:

Q . When do garden maintenance  visits start and end?
A . Gardening visits begin in early May and end in late October

Q . Can the gardeners do additional unexpected work if I ask them
while they are currently at my home ?
A . Yes, more than happy to do extra work if time permits on that
schedule, If time does not permit the gardener will make an
alternative arrangement. Fees for extra work will be invoiced.

Common pruning questions:

Q. When will my shrubs be pruned ?
A . Most shrubs require a pruning in late spring and another in early
autumn, and most clients choose to be pruned twice during the
year. However, some shrubs need to be pruned at other times, and
will be pruned at the correct time, but the agreement must include
these additional visits specifically.

Common fall leaf clean-up questions:

Q . When do fall leaf clean-ups occur?
A . Fall leaf clean-ups begin in October, when some varieties of
trees and shrubs start to drop their leaves. While lawn trimming
services are performed weekly, as the autumn season proceeds the
time spent at each property first doubles, and then triples. Hence,
the crews visit each property every two to three weeks as the ³leaf
harvest² season progresses. Each property usually is ³harvested²
three times, but a December visit may occur if the snow waits,
allowing a last visit. Notice crews will remove the bulk of the leaves
during the initial leaf clean-ups, and remove 95% of all leaves on
the final visit, when the trees affecting your property have dropped
all their leaves.

Q . What happens to the leaves?
A . Each municipality has different rules. Some require bagging
the leaves on most streets, while others pick up leaves at the curb.  
Fees are adjusted according to where you live. If you want to keep
the leaves, and perhaps make compost, please advise us and we¹ll
make arrangements with you.

Q . Why do I need both clean-ups ? I could have it all done in the
A . If you compare the descriptions of both services you will see
why they are both important. If we are instructed to carry out a
spring clean-up and no fall clean up was carried out the fee will be
approximately equal to the sum of both fees. (Unfortunately we are
often unable to repair some damage caused by leaving rotting
leaves in beds over winter.) that winter over in decomposing leaves.
Common lawn cutting questions and answers.

Q . What day of the week will you be cutting my lawn?
A . During high growth periods it is nearly impossible to come on the same day every week.
During the height of the summer we will usually settle into a steady weekly schedule but
even then rain may cause some changes.

Q . What height do you recommend cutting the grass?
A . This varies from lawn to lawn depending on turf type and time of year. Drought prone
lawns are usually cut at much higher levels than lawns that are shaded or watered
regularly. We will honor any specific requests but will not take responsibility for any
damage done to the lawn outside of our scope of work, (many people request a very short
cut, which can kill the lawn and allows weeds, pests and disease to attack.) The standard
for most lawns is three and a half inches, with adjustments higher in the summer, and lower
in the Spring and Autumn.

Q . Is it better to bag clippings or to mulch them?
A . When you take away the grass that has been cut, you are also removing the nutrients
and energy that if left on the lawn will feed the soil. Sometimes, however, excessive
amounts of grass will suffocate the lawn and should be removed. We use mulching blades
and remove clippings when appropriate.

Q . Why don¹t the lawn crews use the weed whackers to whack the grass that is growing in
the flower beds?
A . Our crews are instructed not to whack anything beyond the edge of the beds. More
times than not something gets cut down that should not. Proper bed maintenance is a
different service, which we do offer, but requires different tools.

Q. Can you cut my lawn with a small mower?
A. Unless otherwise agreed upon when your maintenance package is quoted, the quoted
price is based on the use of commercial equipment. Smaller equipment is far more labor
intensive and will cost more.

Q . When will you start/stop cutting the lawn if I do not have your spring/fall leaf clean-up
A . Lawn cutting is provided when the lawns start growing in the spring and until the lawns
go dormant and stop growing in the autumn. If there are too many leaves on the lawn
when we come to cut the lawn (and you have not hired us to do the spring or fall leaf
clean-ups), the lawn will not be cut. You can help coordinate getting your lawn cut by
calling and asking us when we will be visiting, and gathering the leaves before we visit.
Notice, in the spring if the lawn has not been cleared of leaves from the previous year, we
will not cut the lawn, (of course, if we are providing the spring and fall leaf clean-ups, this
does not apply).

Common Spring clean-up questions:

Q. W When will my spring clean up be done ?
A . Weather permitting, before May 1st.

Q. What if my lawn has snow mold or needs some other special attention, which is
discovered when the crew arrives?
A . As a general policy, crews are advised to provide service immediately for any
reasonable request which does not significantly affect the successful completion or their
work schedule for the day. An extra half hour of work does affect the schedule. The leader
of the crew will record your request, and may offer a price quote right there, and complete
the job if you agree. Otherwise, the request will be processed and an agent of the EG will
contact you.